Sunday, February 1, 2009

Acknowledging My Teachers

In modern Japanese, “okagesamade” means “thanks to you.” In the ancient Japanese mystical tradition, okagesamade means thank you, because of you this moment exists."

Who made it possible for you to experience this specific moment? Take a minute and observe your surroundings. Consider all the known and anonymous people...
  • Who built the structures around you
  • Who designed, built, and delivered the furniture you sit upon
  • Who gathered and delivered the materials for the building and furniture
  • Who built the roads you traveled on to be where you are, and before that, who pioneered and cleared the land around you
  • Who grew, delivered, cooked and served your last meal
  • Who invented, built, and delivered the technology you are using in this moment
  • Who cleaned and beautified your environment
  • Who designed, made, and sold your clothing
  • Who nurtured and educated your body, mind and soul
  • Who gave you life, starting with your parents and including the thousands of love stories before your parents
It is an enriching spiritual practice to contemplate who made it possible to experience this moment. Regardless of current challenges, it soon becomes apparent how incredibly blessed each of us has been, and is, in our lives.

My life has been blessed by a multitude of teachers who have enriched my life beyond measure. Because of them, this moment of connection with you, dear reader, is possible.

My greatest teachers have been my three sons and two daughters, their partners, and my seven precious grandchildren. In the course of daily life, they have mirrored to me how to walk my talk in concrete, mundane ways. Among many things, they have taught me about the power of forgiveness, the need for humor, the value of positive thinking, the wisdom of keeping my mouth firmly shut, and the utter joy of the present moment.

(In this picture, you see my husband Harry Hitzeman and me; Thomas and Connie Lord with Malcolm and Madeline; Matthew and Denise Lord with William, Andrew, Callie and Owen; Harry Hitzeman III and Evan; Helena Hitzeman and Ron Micheletto; Lauren Hitzeman; and my special sister in spirit Cha Moon.)

I am deeply grateful for my primary teacher, my beloved soul mate and husband Harry Hitzeman, who shows me his love and care in practical and romantic ways. He encouraged me to make this blog and has helped me learn more about technology. Harry embodies patience, forgiveness, self-discipline, problem-solving, lovingkindness, joy and beauty. Because of Harry, I am a better person.

The following incomplete list of my life teachers is a start in practicing “Okagesamade”. Though I have grouped them, many of my teachers have taught me in each category listed. If you are curious about certain teachers, please contact me. I will be very happy to tell you more.

The Spiritual Practice of Kriya Yoga

Goswami Kriyananda
Swami Jyothi Pranananda

Some Other Teachers in Walking the Spiritual Path

Dalai Lama
Thich Nhat Hanh
Pema Chodron
Angeles Arrien


June Purcell Beddoe
Hal Beddoe, M.D.
Geoffrey Beddoe
Corean Shoffner Beddoe
Bae Emilson
Robert Fritz
Elizabeth Caperton
Ira Progoff
Sr. Brigid Molloy
Kelly Williams
Jenna Eisenberg
Julia Cameron
Marjorie Johnson
Oleh Sydor
Betty Edwards
Millie MacKinnon
DeAnn Trucano
Judy Cowley
Judie Welch
Pat Allen
Dayna Block
Jacqueline Huxel

PeerSpirit Circling

Christina Baldwin
Ann Linnea


Seena Frost
Kylea Taylor
Anne Marie Bennett
Alia Moore
Noelle Remington
Sue Gelber
Suzie Wolfer
Renee Robbins
Marie Drennan
Leslie Sann
Vivian Londos
Marianne Cirone


Annette Spiezio
Don Riso
Jerry Wagner
Sondra Maitri
Helen Palmer

Feminine Spirituality

Marie McFadden Purcell
Curt Hyman
Patricia Beddoe Bernardello
Judy Beddoe Crocker
Suzie Beddoe Robinson
Mary Calenda
Louise Guenther Webber
Bridget Morgan
Alfrieda Wilkins
Sonja Johnson
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Marilyn French
Betty Friedan
Gloria Steinem
Marian Woodman
Jean Shinoda Bolen
Grace Paley
Carol Lee Flinders
Beverly Hightower
Jean Houston
Edna Groves
Brenda Kien
Sue Monk Kidd
Joanne Reichlin
Sr. Virginia Mary Barta
Shirley Tassencourt
Allegra Ahlquist
Robbie Lapp
Nancy Masland
Judy O'Leary
Cha Moon
Helen van Dongen

Conscious Aging

The Heartland Council of Grandmothers
The Arizona Council of Grandmothers
The Gulf Coast Council of Grandmothers
The Texas/Oklahoma Council of Grandmothers

Nonviolent Communication

Marshall Rosenberg
Myra Walden

Career/Life Counseling & Coaching

Jon Hansen

Virginia Satir
Marsha Sinetar
Richard Bolles
Robin Sheerer
Jack Chapman

Tom Camden
Judy Lansky
Randy Bennett
Peter LeBrun

Community Building/Intellectual Methods

Joseph and Lyn Mathews
Joe and Carol Pierce
Gene and Ruth Marshall
Dennis Lord
Institute of Cultural Affairs

Mary Ellen Durbin
The People's Resource Center

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  1. I'm checking in with myself this full moon of May 2010. I arose and came downstairs and the range clock showed 4:44! I chuckled. I have called a full moon circle for this eve and came here for inspiration.
    Many Blessings, Robbie